AGRIO has been developed for the agricultural sector, with a focus on (seed)potatoes, onions and other field crops. AGRIO supports all your logistical and financial processess, like:

Contracts: Contracts are concluded with both growers and buyers. In these contracts, te expected amounts (incl. variety, class and size) and the price agreements are defined.

Lot administration: Via the lot administration, the stock position per variety, class and size lis available at a single glance.

Inspections: all quantitative and qualitative inspections will be executed through test harvest, box valuations and transport inspections.

Processing:: Specified packaging instructions and sorting assignments are sent to the growers.

Transports: through transport assignments lots are transported between growers, buyers and (in-house) stocking locations.

Invoicing: Based on contract agreements, transport assigments and inspections the invoice for the buyer and grower will be made.

AGRIO is also available as cloud solution. It works seemlessly with other cloud solutions like Office 365.